Eureqa Desktop User Guide

Starting a Search in Eureqa Desktop

This is where you start and stop the formula search. You can also monitor various aspects of the performance and progress of the ongoing search.


Run, Pause, Resume, and Stop Buttons

These buttons control the formula search. After stopping a search, clicking "Run" will give you two options: continue the search from where it left off, or start fresh. (Tip: you can change building-block choices and many other settings while the search is stopped.)

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Progress Plot

In this window, the highest accuracy yet achieved, as determined by the error metric you selected in the Set Target tab, is plotted over the duration of the search. Long plateaus in progress may indicate that the search has exhausted all simple explanations of the data. To zoom in, drag across the area of interest. Right clicking on the plot will allow you to change the scale, toggle display of the legend, copy the plot to the clipboard, and more.

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Progress and Performance

This window displays important information about the current search, including the duration of the search, the speed of the search in generations per second, and the number of cores being used.

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Project Log

Significant events in the history of the current search-startings, stoppings, and new solution discoveries are recorded here.

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