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User Guide

This guide contains basic instructions and examples on how to use the Eureqa software with Data Science Automation™ technology, as well as in-depth information for more advanced users.

Eureqa's user interface is organized as a set of seven tabs that correspond to the normal workflow through the program, and this user guide is organized around those tabs. The seven main pages linked to below explain the most important features and options available on each tab.

Instructions by Page


Nutonian provides a variety of online documentation to help you get the most out of your data. The tutorials listed below are designed to provide valuable background information and technical details to help you make the most of Eureqa, while allowing you to learn at your own pace. Have a request for a tutorial? Contact us.

Available Tutorials

General Reference

Here you'll find an array of general reference materials to help you get the most out the Eureqa data-mining software and make data science a core competency. Eureqa is Where Artificial Intelligence Meets Business Intelligence™. Not finding what you are looking for? Contact Us.



Below you'll find videos that cover the fundamentals of how to use Eureqa, the Virtual Data Scientist™, as well technical talks that explore the theory and history behind the software.

Tutorial Videos

Intro to Eureqa Part 1/2

Intro to Eureqa Part 2/2

Predicting Liability Insurance Claim Payments with Vehicle Data

Predicting Financial Delinquency with Credit Scoring Data

Predicting a Bond's Next Trade Price

Predicting Evergreen Content with Eureqa and Machine Learning

Eureqa Talks

"Through the Wormhole"

Distilling Freeform Natural Laws from Experimental Data

TEDxUVM 2011 - Accelerating Discovery with Eureqa